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Lowsen Group Company


Founded in 2021, Lusan Group offers new solutions and alternatives in a changing global economy.

With a long experience in the footwear industry in Africa and the Middle East, the group's latest spending is in one of the world's leading industrial countries, Turkey.

Lusan Group aspires to provide high quality footwear ranging from military boots, hiking boots, safety boots and athletic boots to casual footwear.

Our observation is that the market trend is focused on products made of artificial leather / genuine leather.

The vision of Lusan Group is to provide genuine leather products at affordable prices and with high quality standards using the latest technology in the footwear industry.

Through vertical integration, the group owns leather factories that allow for a stable and sustainable supply chain.

The leather factory is located in Sudan and is currently the largest in Africa using exclusively Italian leather manufacturing procedures (White Nile Leather Industry, 1st Leather Factory Award in Africa).

In a global economy with new challenges and dynamics, the supply of raw materials has become a huge competitive advantage as Lossan Group has gained full increases.

The vision of Lusan Group is to provide the latest fashion and designs without sacrificing the quality of the materials used in the shoes, and the leather used is of the highest quality with the latest tanning procedures.

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